Tennis for Lympstone

Session Rota Summer 2017

Revised 21st June 2017

Saturday Duty Officer Contact Details   Tuesday Duty Officer Contact Details
24-Jun Dawn Chapman 07866 566883     27-Jun Dawn Chapman 07866 566883  
01-Jul Liz Griffiths  268823   04-Jul Liz Griffiths  268823
08-Jul Volunteer needed     11-Jul Rachel Cooke  743306
15-Jul Volunteer needed     18-Jul Karen & Tony Gratton 275017
22-Jul Tony & Wendy Smith  268823   25-Jul Tony & Wendy Smith  268823
29-Jul Margaret & John Bennett 279649   01-Aug Wendy Hoare  264878
05-Aug Karen & Tony Gratton  275017   08-Aug Karen & Tony Gratton  275017
12-Aug Jill Dixon  224774   15-Aug Jill Dixon  224774
19-Aug Corinne Gimber  740621   22-Aug Corinne Gimber  740621
26-Aug Wendy Hoare 264878   29-Aug Volunteer needed  
02-Sep Ann Hurley 272032   05-Sep Donna Mckie  267412
09-Sep Sue Norman  01392 861081     12-Sep Steve Pope  227025
16-Sep Rob Evans  07886 503370     19-Sep Sarah Forde  227025
23-Sep Marleen Johnson  276343   26-Sep Julie Rockey  0770 4146284 
30-Sep Sue Parks  227536        


Thank you for helping with the Club Session Rota.  Here are some instructions to help you with your duty.

  • Open up clubhouse at 2 pm on Saturday and 6.30pm on Tuesday
  • Sort out the balls for the session, provided in the cupboard over the sink.
  • Put up the pegboard and assist in the organisation of play, if required.
  • Provide milk and make tea/coffee mid afternoon.
  • Ensure both court gates are locked at end of session, tidy and lock room
  • Pass key on to the next person on the list, ensuring that they are aware of the duty.
  • If you are unable to complete all or part of your duty arrange for someone else to cover it.
  • Please mark all changes to rotas on the lists in the committee room and let others around those duties know that changes have been made.