Tennis for Lympstone

Volley #1 - September 2009

Welcome to our Newsletter for members of Lympstone Tennis Club.

Of late, your Committee has been reviewing the running of the Club including how things might be improved to make membership more rewarding. One of the needs identified is for more regular communication to members to keep everyone abreast of developments. Accordingly it is proposed to issue a brief e-mail notice fortnightly during the Summer (largely as an aide memoir of events), bolstered by a Newsletter to be issued quarterly which will give a broader picture of Club activities and issues. The Notice Board located by the courts will also be kept up-to-date ! In addition, we will be launching a Website for the benefit of members and potentially for a wider audience. Other proposed changes are being introduced gradually and these will be referred to in the Newsletter. If you have any comments to make about the Club at this time, then do please let me know or notify any Committee Member. Also if you would like to take on a role within the Club, then feel free to put your name forward and suggest the type of activity you would like to get involved in.

Our closing event of the summer season is on 20th September when we have an Adult Tournament and Barbeque. The Singles starts at 10.00 am, followed by the BBQ about 12.30 pm and then the Doubles, all subject to the weather of course. Bring your own meat/cutlery/drink, and a salad or pudding to share (Event Helpline: 276 922). (The Juniors Championships were on 6th September – see below).

Finally I am pleased to report that we have had a very successful season again this year. May I wish you well with your tennis, and thank you for supporting our village club.

Adrian Barton, Chairman (276 922)

Season Match Report

It may not have been a great summer weather-wise, but it has been a very good year for Lympstone Tennis Club. Club Sessions (roll-ups) on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons have been busy with some keen friendly matches being played, and this has shown through in the Club’s matches in the Exeter and District Tennis League. Our various teams have done very well in their respective divisions of the League, with both the Ladies Team and the Men’s A Team winning promotion this year. Congratulations !

Our Junior teams have also performed very well this year in the East Devon Lawn Tennis League. Due to James Isaacs' superb coaching, we managed to enter 2 teams of Under 13 Girls. The Girls B team squad with Jade Broadhurst, Megan Howard, Nicole Thackray and Olivia Young won the U 13 league, closely followed by the A team with Georgia Anthony, Heidi Collings, Harriet Handford and Christy Moxham.

Our Under 13 Boys, represented by Matthew Farmer, Freddie House, Harry Michelmore, Tom Pryor and Elliott Martineau won their League Division 1 as well. The Under 16 Boys team had a tough time in the first division. Willand, the winners, and the Exeter Golf and Country Club battled it out between them with Lympstone and Cranford. Our team was represented by Henry Strickland, Jack Gardner, Harry Pearce, Jamie Farmer, Patrick Hall, JJ Jennings and Edward Stone.

The Junior Cup Championships were played on 6th September. The Johnson Cup was won by Megan Pearson with Helena Anthony as runner up. The Salway Cup was won by Henry Strickland with Jack Gardner as runner up. Well done to all our players and trophy winners !

Marleen Johnson

Coaching for Adults

The next round of Seniors coaching will start on Thursday 17th September. The sessions run from 6.30 to 8.00 pm for beginners & less experienced players, and from 8.00 to 9.30 pm for more advanced players.

Our new coach Jon Duplock has proved very popular, keeping everyone involved during the various coaching drills, and the sessions have been great fun. Phone Suki for more details and to check on availability. In any weeks Jon cannot coach, there will be practice sessions (6.30 to 8.30) continuing through until the clocks change in October. Suki (269 989)

Court Lights and Keys

As the evenings start to draw in, it is time to think about playing under lights and how to use the courts when lights are required. The court light switches are located in the passageway in the side door of the Village Hall, and tokens are required to feed the light meters. The tokens cost £3 and each token will power one court for 1 hour. Pay the committee member when collecting the key together with any relevant green fees for non members.

The keys are available from the committee members listed below. Please telephone in advance to book the key which should be collected on the way to the court and returned immediately afterwards. The keys may only be borrowed by members who must show their membership card, and the lights must be off by 10.00 pm (no tokens to be inserted after 9.00 pm). Keys may be obtained from:- Adrian Barton (276 922), Suki Commin (269 989), Jill Dixon (224 774), Andrew Lorenc (263 068), & Marleen Johnson (276 343).

Court Maintenance

Our court surfaces are such that they require little maintenance throughout the season, but there are things round the courts which do – the wire netting, grass, trees, weeds, leaves etc. From experience, we have found that two designated maintenance mornings a year are sufficient to meet most of these requirements (apart from the grass !). Jef Forshaw organises the work to be done and the next designated day for maintenance is Saturday 17th October. If you can spare a couple of hours from 10 to 12 that day, then please let Jef know, or just turn up. Jef (232 617)

Racquet Services

If your strings have gone a bit saggy or your volleys have lost their zip, then take your racquet to Jon Duplock, our adult tennis coach, who offers a racquet re-stringing service. Specialist strings and Kevlar strings are available with prices starting from £16. If you want to play like Nadal, then £24 will get you 'Pro Hurricane Tour' strings as used by Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick. Or you could treat your racquet to a new Yonex Super Grap Overgrip for £1.50.

Phone Jon on 01395 267028 or 07904 292405 for more details, or look for the poster intriguingly titled EAT SUCCESS FOR BREAKFAST ! on the Notice Board in the Club Room.

Court Availability

At certain times the courts are not available for social play. These times are posted on the Notice Board but it may be helpful to note them here. These times are:

  • Club Sessions – Tuesdays (6.30 pm to 8.30 pm) and Saturdays (2.00 pm to 5.00 pm).
  • Juniors Coaching – Saturday mornings (10.00 am to 12.00 noon).
  • Seniors Coaching - Thursday evenings (6.30 pm to 10.00 pm).
  • Winter League (all at 6.30 pm) - Wed 30 Sep, Thu 8 Oct, Wed 21 Oct, Wed 28 Oct, Thu 12 Nov, Wed 18 Nov, Wed 13 Jan, Thu 21 Jan, Thu 28 Jan, Wed 10 Feb.

In addition, one court is regularly booked on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm by different groups, but the other court is free. Note that the courts are available for public play, but it is essential for guests to complete a Visitors Form and pay the green fee (see plastic box on the courts), otherwise they are not insured. Fees are £4 per adult per hour or £10 per court for non members, with juniors and students half price. The correct footwear must be worn to protect the court surfaces.

No Experience Necessary!

On Saturday October 10th we are holding our second Bridge Evening in the Village Hall to raise funds for the programme of modernisation. The preparation and organisation is carried out by a joint team of Tennis Club members and the Village Hall Fundraising Team. It would be a great help if our members could help out. Tasks involved are:

  • 6.00 pm (or after Club Session if Hall free) - Set up tables and chairs.
  • 7.00 pm - Set out food, preparation of tea/coffee, waiting at tables & washing up (supper provided).
  • 10.30 pm - Put away tables and chairs.

Please phone one of us if you can help at any of these times. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Bridge players welcome of course, and raffle prizes too.

Contact: Suki (269 989), Norma (266 116) or Marleen (276 343)

Village Hall Update

Those members who live outside Lympstone may not yet be aware that Lympstone Village Hall is currently undergoing a major programme of essential maintenance and modernisation, and to this end has embarked on a fundraising campaign. £30,000 needs to be raised to match grants, and loans from the Council, to make a grand total of £90,000 which is the sum needed for the works.

All clubs and societies in the village have been asked to help with the fundraising and the Tennis Club was first off the mark with a Bridge Evening held in July that raised £403. We have another scheduled for October. A pamphlet has been delivered to all the houses in Lympstone which explains the need for the proposed modernisation. I have pinned a copy on the big Notice Board at the back of the Committee Room for your information. You will be pleased to note that a new roof is next on the agenda. No more buckets when it rains! Please support as many fundraising activities as you can, or you can offer practical help with some of the improvement programme.

We are closely linked with the Village Hall and have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship over many years. Given the current circumstances, the charges we pay for the use of the Committee Room and other facilities have increased (as for other users of the Hall), but we believe these are at a level which the Tennis Club can digest without affecting the future wellbeing of the Club.

Suki Commin - Trustee of Lympstone Village Hall on behalf of the Tennis Club